Man collected more than 120,000 car tax discs

Neil Jones' 25-year hobby, which began when his father gave him old discs from his vintage Austin, spans 90 years of motoring. He's now collected more than 120,000 of them.

‘I found a few scrapyards when I was a young boy and I’ve been visiting them ever since,’ said the 36-year-old.

‘Most people tend to slip the new disc on top of the old one, so I often find a whole stash of discs from the same car at once.’ And sending polite letters to classic car clubs yields up to 1,000 discs through the post each month.

Mr Jones has now branched out to gather permits for everything from a steam threshing machine (inset) to a mobile crane, from a lifeboat to a 2009 disc for the Koenigsegg supercar.

The oldest disc that the warehouse manager owns comes from a 1922 Tricycle De Dion-Bouton, a three-wheeled French motorbike.

‘This selection represents a slice of motoring history,’ said Mr Jones, a widower of Beccles, Suffolk. ‘Many of the older discs are from makes and models that no longer exist.’

The first road tax discs appeared in 1921, with the first perforated versions appearing in 1938. Coloured discs to prevent counterfeiting hit the roads in the early 1960s.

Via - Metro

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