Man, 70, found overdosed on sex stimulants

A 70-year-old (septuagenarian) man learnt his lesson the hard way when he overdosed on sex stimulants to enhance his performance in bed.

The man had gone toa hotel in Segamat, Johor, with a friend on Thursday. He entered the room and about five minutes later, the prostitute ran out screaming for help after realising that the man was foaming in the mouth..

The man's friend, who was waiting for him outside the hotel, rushed into the room and saw him unconscious on the bed.

With help from several people, he sent the friend to the hospital in a taxi. The incident was believed to be caused by an overdose of sex stimulants, reported China Press.

However, they did not call an ambulance as they did not want the matter to go public.

The man was in good health after receiving treatment. This was the second incident of an elderly man consuming excessive sex stimulants reported within a week.

On Dec 27, a 65-year-old man, said to be a well-known figure among the locals, died in a hotel room in Kulai, Johor.

He was believed to have taken sex stimulants such as Viagra earlier. No one else was in the room when his body was discovered in the evening.  Police have ruled out foul play.

Via - AsiaOne

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