Boy, 9, youngest IT engineer certificated by Microsoft

Marco Calasan, a brilliant kid from Macedonia has become the world’s youngest IT whiz certified by computer giant Microsoft. The media have already dubbed the youngster the “Mozart of Computers”.

At the age of six, Marco successfully passed exams with Microsoft and became the world’s youngest IT system administrator. Then, aged eight, he earned the Microsoft Certified Professional certificate. A month ago, at the age of nine, he again successfully passed seven qualifying tests and became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

The MCSE is one of the best-known Microsoft certifications. A qualified individual is able to plan and analyze the business requirements for information systems solutions and implement the infrastructure required, usually dealing with middle-to-large organizations.

So far Marco has been able to prove himself as an IT administrator of a computer network of one non-commercial organization in his native Macedonia. Besides that, he gives lessons in his school where he teaches younger schoolmates aged 8 to 11 the basics of IT.

As one of Marco’s latest projects, the young IT whiz has developed effective transmission of high-frequency TV signal via weak connection channels for a local telecom-operator. The company provided the schoolboy with access to its whole network infrastructure.

In Macedonia, Marco has already become a celebrity but this is not what the Mozart of Computers dreams of. The boy’s aspiration is to move to the United States where he will able to learn more about modern IT technologies and establish closer contacts with the Microsoft Corporation.

Via - Russia Today

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congratulations the future of the country and the world is bright.. there is still hope for the youths, let us not forge even thou he's a genius if he was not motivated or given that push by his parents he would be a normal child sitting at home with a stifled future. so parents motivate your children to learn.


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