Five rare white tiger cubs get first public showing in Chile

Five rare and endangered white tiger (panthera tigris) or albino tiger cubs have been presented to the public at Santiago Zoo in Chile.

The three males and two females, born just under a month ago, underwent their first medical tests in front of journalists and excited visitors in the Chilean capital. Experts say it is very unusual for so many to be born in one pregnancy.

Patricia Poblete, the Chilean Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, who has jurisdiction over the city's zoos, said the park's staff have been working diligently to ensure the cubs' well being.

It was the second litter for the cubs' parents, Pampa and Lula. In 2008 Lula gave birth to three cubs.

Female tigers normally have up to three cubs in a litter and so five was a welcome surprise for the zoo.

"White tigers are in danger of extinction around the world. There's around 200 left in the world and for us to have produced five of them brings us great happiness," said Poblete.

But according to The World Wide Fund for nature, estimated only 4,000 white tigers remain in the wild due to poaching and deforestation.

White tigers are a genetic variation of the more common Bengal tiger. Unlike orange tigers, the white tiger has a pink nose and blue eyes.

Via - Sky News



Blue eyed tiger.. Thats sure a handsome one..except for the pink nose.. Y pink??

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