Britney Spears caught his partner Jason Trawick with two women

Britney Spears has reportedly single again after splitting from boyfriend Jason Trawick who she refused to marry in Sydney after she caught him with two other women on the street in L.A. on December 30.

Jason was caught while partying with two women at Los Angeles’ bar The Roger Room, a bar known for its dimly lit booths and no-photography policy. She is now refusing to take his calls.

Ella Davis, who was at the bar at the time, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Jason left the bar with two bottles of water - and a stunning blonde who looked like Britney.

“He had his arms around her and they looked very much like they were together for the night."

Jason's friends say they're shocked by his behavior because he's been very "loyal" to Britney so far.

A source added: “Jason's a great guy and super loyal. This behavior is really out of character. But Los Angeles is a small town and word soon got back to Britney he'd had a wild one.

One inside source told press that Trawick was getting a little too friendly with other women for Britney’s liking. “When she heard he’d been caught cozying up two girls in The Roger Room, it was the last straw.

Jason’s really not like this and quickly tried to calm Britney down and rectify the situation. He explained the girls were just friends and there was nothing in it but they still had a massive row.

"Everyone is assuming it's over - for the time being anyway,".

Via - Daily Telegraph, ANI

Jason Trawick is a talent agent for the William Morris Agency. He represents clients such as Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff and Paris Hilton. [Wikipedia]



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