Prostitutes stealing kidneys from their clients after sex

Two calls to his handphone yesterday by men claiming that syndicates in Johor Baru were "stealing" kidneys from those who visit prostitutes in the capital of Johor has set Datuk Michael Chong's alarm bells ringing.

Chong said in the first case, the caller claimed that his friend had visited a prostitute and ended up waking in a bath tub full of ice.

"The caller claimed that a handphone was placed next to his friend so he could call for medical help. He also claimed that the friend's waist also had stitch marks," he told The Malay Mail this morning.

Chong, who is the MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau head, said on the same day, he received another call from a man claiming that his friend had also gone through the same experience.

"This time, the caller claimed that his friend had woken up with ice packs around his waist at a bus stop. A handphone was also left by his side."

Chong said both the callers were advised to contact him at 03-21615678 or via email if they needed assistance. He could not call them back as their numbers did not register on his handphone.

"I cannot verify these cases; nor can I assist them if they do not come forward. I am anxious to know if these are authentic. It is my responsibility to find out the truth as we do not want more people to fall victim to this scam, should it exist," he said.

"I promise confidentiality should they come forward."

Chong said he had sought an expert's opinion and was told that it would take a full team to carry out such a surgery.

"To dismiss such cases would be wrong as these happen regularly in the Phillipines, India and China," he said.

Source - The Malay Mail

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