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Parking motorcycle beside the water stream at night - Terima kasih kepada saudara yang dikasihi otai Ganu, Encik Syam81 kerana mengajak saya keluar shoot gambar night shot di atas ni .......

night shots picture
Sleepless night

night shots picture
Romantic night

Misty beach - A night shot at Teluk Ketapang beach, near airport. This place is quite dark during shooting time. But with flash shoot (to illuminate the old wood) and long exposure, now here is the result. Oh yeah, there are no stars visible because the clouds cover the sky, the night being a bit drizzly. I used 909 seconds (about 15+ minutes) long exposure, RAW, ISO 100 + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod for this.

The wind blows heavy - A night shot at Batu Buruk beach, near the state hospital. 104 seconds long exposure, ISO 100 + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod

Nasir moonbathing - A shot at Pantai Kelulut, Marang.

Absolutely simple night - A shot at Pantai Pandak, Chendering.

Wonderful night - A night shot beside the beach at Pantai Pandak. Thanx to my buddy Mr Nasir TX2642 for accompanying me to go out for night shot couples days ago. This photo was shot by him actually, i gave him to test night shot, and i don't expect that the result really satisfied me :D

Sony Alpha 200 , 166 seconds exposure (don't have to expose longer because that night is full moon) + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod

All night long - A night shot at Pulau Wan Man, near Masjid Kristal. 145 seconds long exposure + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod.

Masjid Kristal night shot - 30 seconds exposure , ISO 100.  Location : Duyong, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia

Masjid Kristal night shot again! picture1060x754 - Masjid Kristal night shot again! - The star trails are in another shot, i just paste them on the sky here.

- Sony Alpha 200 with ISO 100 and 7 seconds exposure + shutter release cable + tripod

- Star trails shot = 880 seconds (about 14+ minutes) exposure

Playing with Star trails picture1060x754 - Playing with Star trails - Sony Alpha 200 , 971 seconds (about 16+ minutes) long exposure - no flash + kit lense + shutter release cable + tripod

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Camera used : Sony Alpha 200 DSLR
Location : Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia


salam.. bila ye nok tubik nembok pulok.. :)

Salaam. Bila senang laaa keh3 , tunggu cuaca ok sket ari jumaat g Kuala ibai la sekali :)

Salam...Please look at the picture of Masjid Kristal night shot again!...The link of picture is not the same as look..When u click that pic,the other pic is appear..Hope u can change it..

Salaam. Thank you very much buddy, i really appreciate that. It was fixed now, all the best to you and Salaam Sya'aban and Ramadhan to you :)

u seriously using alpha 200 n kit lens only?!!

Anonymous : just like what i wrote below buddy. only most of them, retouched a bit in Photoshop. Tq :)

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