The new world's tallest dog as big as a small pony

This dog standing at nearly 110cm (43in) tall from paw to shoulder, is 7ft 3ins from nose to tail and weighing a staggering 111kg (245lbs), this could be the world’s new tallest dog.

The four-year-old pet pooch, who's about the size of a small pony, is just a whisker away from being declared the World's Tallest Dog.

It makes the gentle giant a prime contender to take the lofty record from Gibson, a harlequin Great Dane who died in August.

His owners David and Christine Nasser are now waiting to hear back from Guinness World Records.

"He's unique," said proud David of Tuscon, Arizona. He added that George eats 110lbs of food a month and has a queen-size bed for a doggy basket.

Mr Nasser and wife Christine have raised George from when he was seven weeks old but never expected him to be so big. They even had to move George out of their king-sized bed, when he grew too large to share the same sheets.

‘In my 45 years of experience working with giant breed dogs, without question George is the tallest dog I have ever seen,’ said US canine expert Dr William Wallace.

If he doesn't walkies off with the title, George is still a top dog to many - his adoring fans have even created a Facebook page for him. It mutt be love.

The last Great Dane to hold the title of world's tallest living dog was Gibson, who was 7ft 1ins tall standing on his hind legs.

Via - Metro

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Umm.. Most of those pictures look fake...

They are photoshopped, I can tell because of the pixels

agree, i think they reduced the size of the car to make the dog look bigger.

You 3 are strange, read the news or the Guiness book online, these are not fake.

Yes you are right LAST ANONYMOUS , and here is the proof :)

The first picture looks like the man is fondling the dog... and the second makes it look like he is fingering and/or fisting the dog. The dog's expression is proof.

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