International Robot Exhibition 2009 footage and photos

iREX - International Robot Exhibition 2009 video

Yaskawa Electric Corporation displayed a variety of Motoman industrial robots

An Actroid was on hand at Kokoro’s booth to demonstrate new camera-based face mimicking technology

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru)

TOPIO, a ping pong playing robot by TOSY (Vietnam)

The iRobi home robot by Yujin (Korea)

NT Research (Korea) demonstrated their RAMeX humanoid with tele-operated arms and hands.

An intelligent building guide robot with arms, speech capabilities, and face/voice recognition skills was on display at the “Premium Korea” booth.

Alderbaran Robotics (France) exhibited Nao, a fully-programmable autonomous humanoid.

NEDO also exhibited a Muratec receptionist robot.

A mini-humanoid blended into the crowd.

Kawada Industries demonstrated their NEXTAGE next-generation industrial robot.

HIRO humanoid upper body for R&D purposes.

Figla exhibited an interactive robot (prototype) with remote camera.

Photos source - Pink tentacles

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