Grandfather fights grandfather over porn on TV

How come a 75 year old man still watch porno and that's not all, he turn on porno on television with loud volume.

An octogenarian and his roommate were fighting over pornography at an old folk home. The men caused an uproar at the home in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia soon after midnight on Monday.

One of them, an 83-year-old man who was sleeping at that time, complained of being awoken by the loud volume on the television.

He alleged that his 75-year-old roommate was watching pornography in the room at that time.

"It was too noisy and disturbed my sleep," he told China Press. He asked the roommate to switch off the television but the latter refused.

A heated argument ensued. One of them was said to have grabbed a stick and attempted to attack the other. Luckily, he was stopped by the caretaker of the home.

Police arrived to find out what had happened following a distress call. The roommate, however, denied that he was watching pornography.

"It was two years ago. I have not been watching pornography recently," he said. Bahau councillor Phoon Kow Chai, a committee member of the home, said the duo had been placed in different rooms now.

He said this was the fourth time the octogenarian had complained about his roommate. "We have warned the roommate not to cause any trouble to the other people in the home anymore," he said.

He said there were 18 live-in old folks at the home.

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