Devastation Caused By Earthquakes

Earthquakes are sudden movements of the Earth’s crust and are measured by seismographs. These movements involve enormous amounts of energy. Reports of earthquakes are received from around the world at a rate of about once every two weeks, and many of them occur under the oceans. However, major earthquakes that are reported in the news usually involve the devastation of property and loss of human lives.

The greatest concentration of earthquakes occurs around the Pacific Ocean where the volcanic 'Ring of Fire' is situated. Other areas include the Mediterranean and the Himalaya-Asia region.

During the famous 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, USA, much of the damage was caused by fires that broke out when power and gas lines were ruptured.

The collapse of the structurally unsound apartment buildings is the main cause of a high human death toll of 17,000 during the 1999 earthquake in Izmit, Turkey, with a magnitude of 7.4.

The following are some of the earthquake events of recent years:

The 2008 Sichuan earthquake was a deadly earthquake that measured at 8 in magnitude. It killed at least 69,000 people in the province of China.

The earthquake was also felt in nearby countries and as far away as both Beijing and Shanghai - where office buildings swayed with terror.

Strong aftershocks, some exceeding magnitude 6, continue to hit the area even months after the main quake, causing new casualties and damage.

The September Sumatra earthquake occurred just off the Southern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, with a magnitude of 7.6.

Around 135,000 houses were severely damaged and an estimated 250,000 families (1,250,000 people) have been affected by the earthquake through the total or partial loss of their homes and livelihoods.

The 2009 Honduras earthquake occurred on May 28. The earthquake caused at least 7 fatalities, 40 injured and more than 130 collapsed or damaged buildings across northern Honduras. The powerful 30-second offshore quake was felt in Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, and as far as Cancun in Mexico.

Two important bridges and a number of levees and port terminals were also seriously damaged.

The shock and misery resulting from the earthquake can be traumatic. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the victims especially to those who have lost their loved ones and properties in these disasters.

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What a disaster. A lesson to human being. Everyone will face death sooner or later, do we prepared for the judgment day? :)

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