Dead man starts talking before his funeral

If this happen in front of your eyes, maybe you'll think he is a ghost, a really fresh and immediate ghost.

Staff at a Chinese funeral home were shocked when a dead man started talking minutes before he was to be laid to rest.

Zhang Dabo, 70, a cancer patient, was sent to the funeral home after his sister found him lying motionless at their home, reports China Daily.

However, a staff member revealed that the deceased was about to be put in a refrigerating facility when he started uttering inaudible words.

Dabo was then rushed to hospital where doctors confirmed he never died.  He is currently undergoing treatment. (ANI)

Via - Qianjiang Evening News



Wow.. That was a close call!!! Otherwise he would have been refrigerated ALIVE..

SO will you stay if someone dead talking and awake in front of you? :D

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