Chinese girl has rusty needle removed from head after 11 years

Desperate for a son is the desire in China that when baby Pingping was born it is thought her relatives tried to kill her by jamming a needle into her head. Her death would have allowed the parents to try again under the strict "one couple, one child" family planning policy.

But the little girl, who is 11 now, did not die. This week, doctors took her into surgery and removed the needle that they believe was the cause of the child’s mental disabilities.

Kuang Yongqin, deputy director of the neurosurgery department at a military hospital in the southwestern city of Chengdu, led the operation. "This is evil," Kuang said afterwards.

The mother of Pingping (not her real name) said she had reported the case to the police and was planning to bring charges against family members who may have been responsible for the attempted murder of her daughter. Police had advised the mother, Yang Xiaohui, to keep the needle as well as a scan that showed the object buried in the head of her daughter.

The needle was so firmly embedded in Pingping’s head and so rusty that doctors estimated it had been in place for at least ten years. They could not pull it out but had to remove it by slowly twisting it. Hospital staff told The Times that Pingping was doing well, but it was unlikely that she would recover from her disability.

In 2007, doctors in southwestern Yunnan province discovered 26 needles in the body of a 29-year-old woman. They were believed to have been inserted not long after she was born by grandparents upset that she was not a boy.

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