Age 10 boy who is about to take his maths A-level

At the age of ten, Yi Fan has already passed GCSE and AS maths exams with flying colours and is about to sit his A-level.

So although he's half the age of most degree-level maths students, his primary school had no choice but to draft in a university professor to keep up with him.

And while his parents are naturally proud of his prodigious talent, they are already wondering whether secondary school education will hold him back.

'Yi began talking about fractions when he was just three,' said his father Mizi Fan, 46, a senior lecturer in civil engineering at Brunel University in West London. 'His teachers realised in Year One that the curriculum was just not challenging for him.

'Now I find it very difficult to keep him challenged. I don't know where he will go to school because I think a normal secondary school would be a waste of time for him.'

Yi's mother Aihe, 45, a housewife with a degree in engineering, said: 'He has always been eager to learn and very inquisitive. We have never had to push him.'

Yi, whose parents met at university in China before they moved to Britain 16 years ago, beat more than 100,000 children to win a national primary school maths competition last year.

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