Virus that turns your iPhone into a zombie

An iPhone virus that turns your mobile into a zombie has infected a number of handsets in Europe, a security firm has warned today.

Reports suggest the new worm, called 'Duh' or 'Ikee.B' by researchers, is spreading quickly in The Netherlands.

Some Dutch iPhone users visiting their online bank ING through their mobiles have reported being redirected to an imitation site by the worm, leaving them vulnerable to cyber criminals.

However, security analysts at Sophos say only jailbroken phones are at risk. Jailbreaking is a hacking process that allows devices to bypass the official App Store and run unapproved services.

Around four million out of 40million iPhones are believed to be jailbroken by their owners.

'Duh' can hunt for 'cracked' iPhones on a wide range of IP addresses including Australia, The Netherlands and Portugal.

The malicious virus appeared just two weeks after an Australian student created the first iPhone virus, which changed a user's wallpaper to a photo of singer Rick Astley.

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