Man tried to smuggle 1,000 live spiders out of Brazil

A Briton was reportedly caught by Brazilian police trying to smuggle 1,000 live spiders in his luggage out of the country.

The unnamed man is believed packed the animals into individual boxes and locked in two cases that had been checked as baggage, a police official said.

Deputy head of airport police Rafael Potsch Andreata told Folha Online: "He's the owner of a pet shop in London and was apparently selling spiders there.

"We are investigating if he has done this before and if there is some other kind of market such as selling them to extract poison in order to make medicine."

The man, who has reportedly confessed to smuggling the spiders, could face up to a year in prison and a £1.5m fine if convicted of animal trafficking. The spiders were taken by Brazil's environmental agency for examination.

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