Indonesian man's sex organs chopped off

Police had a gruesome experience when they responded to a call from residents of the Taman Pelangi flats in Bukit Mertajam, Selangor, Malaysia on Tuesday.

They found the badly slashed and naked body of an Indonesian man in a bedroom at one of the units on the fourth floor of Block E.

The deceased’s penis and testicles had been chopped off and left next to the body. An Indonesian woman who was found injured in another bedroom in the unit has been arrested.

The woman, who had bruises on her face, was taken to the Seberang Jaya Hospital where she was admitted. She is in her 30s. It is learnt that she was still in a state of shock Wednesday.

Police also recovered a broken piece of the window pane glass which is believed to be the murder weapon, as well instruments for consuming drugs.

The woman had valid travel documents but police were investigating if the deceased, who was either in his 30s or 40s, was in the country legally.

Central Seberang Prai acting OCPD Supt Mohan Singh said the murder was believed to have been committed as early as 4am that day as several residents heard a loud quarrel and the throwing of things.

“We have yet to determine the relationship between the man and woman. We will investigate on the motive. We are also checking whether there was a quarrel between the two or if there was involvement of a third party,” he said.

Supt Mohan Singh did not reveal the identity of the victim whose body was sent to the Seberang Jaya Hospital for a post mortem.

He urged those with information or had witnessed the murder to contact investigation officer ASP Mohd Naim Asnawi at 019-5728844 or the nearest police station.

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