Gardener bites snake to death after the snake bites him

It is not weird when a snake bites a man but it is weird when a man bites a snake as a revenge.

A gardener, in a government managed park, bitten by snake, gets revenge by biting the snake back and chewing some of the snake's flesh.

The 25 year old gardener from the eastern coastal state of Orissa's capital Bhubaneswar, was so infuriated the snake bit him while he was doing some weeding in a government-managed park at Baramunda area, he grabbed the snake bit it and chewed some of the snake's flesh.

The snake died as a result. Ramesh Kumar Jamda, the gardener of the park , then fell unconscious. He was taken to the by park employees.

The gardener has survived his injury.  He told the paper ,"I was very angry when the snake bit me on my finger. I chewed parts of its body to take revenge."   It is not known if the snake was poisonous.

Via - Digital Journal



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