Explosion of Stars (forming roses), Galaxies and Universe in Quran had been confirmed by NASA

Allah Almighty's Divine Claim in Noble Verse 55:37:

(a)- Explosions weren't known 1,500 years ago:

First of all, it is worth mentioning that dynamites, bombs and explosions, in general, weren't known to man 1,500 years ago, and certainly, explosions of galaxies weren't also known to man 1,500 years ago, and nor were they even known to us until very recently. Yet, we see a very accurate description by Allah Almighty in the Noble Quran, below, about the galaxies' explosions resembling ROSES, which the sample pictures below clearly prove. This is, again, despite the fact that the Holy Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, never saw any explosion in his entire life, nor were explosions - especially explosions of galaxies - even known to man, 1,500 years ago.

55:37 فاذا انشقت السماء فكانت وردة كالدهان

[055:037] When the sky disintegrates, and turns rose colored like paint.

The following photo was taken from the NASA web site at: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap991031.html

The Glorious Quran precisely predicts that our sun will turn into a "White Dwarf" dimmed star, and Science has confirmed this!

The following is a picture of a Sun like our Sun that became a White Dwarf. Notice it's rosy-paint dust that is
still surrounding it, which further confirms the Glorious Quran's two Divine Claims about:

1- The day will come when our sky will look like a "rose colored like-paint" (55:37).

2- The day will come when our Sun will "shrink and become a compressed and "condensed ball" (81:1).

Scientists just recently discovered an exploded galaxy. Let us look at what Allah Almighty Said in the Noble Quran:

"And when the heaven splitteth asunder and becometh ROSY-LIKE PAINT - (The Noble Quran, 55:37)"

Note: The Noble Verse in Arabic says: "Fa-itha inshaqqati alssamao fakanat wardatan kaalddihani" "Wardatan" is derived from the root word "Warda", which literally means "rose" or "flower".

In the Arabic Noble Verse, "wardatan" was translated as "ROSY" above. The root word "WARDA" in Arabic LITERALLY means "ROSE" or "FLOWER". The "tan" at the end of "wardatan" is not part of the word. It is only an Arabic PUNCTUATION that only changes the sound of the word for grammatical rules. It is pronounced as "ten", with the "a" being short. The reason why the above word was not written as "wardaten" is because in many parts of the world, the English word "ten" (number 10) is pronounced as "tin". Only the American-English pronounce the "e" as a short "a". Most of the world uses the British-English system and they pronounce the "e" as "i", and the "o" as it is, such as "stop" pronounced as "stope". The American-English pronounces the "o" as a thick "a". Also, if we were to add two Arabic characters, "alif" and "noon" at the end of "warda", it would change the pronunciation to "taan" (wardataan), and it then becomes two "wardas"; plural.

Explosion of Galaxies can not be seen with the naked eye. It also can not be seen with regular telescopes. You need the special Government-owned and NASA-owned "Hubble Space" Super Telescope. The point from all of this is that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him could not have come up with any of this on his own 1500 years ago!

(b)- No "red" was mentioned in the Noble Verse!

It is worth mentioning that many English translations of Noble Verse 55:37 falsely added the word "red" in the translation. Allah Almighty never said that the explosions will look LIKE HUMR or AHMAR (red) ROSY PAINT. He just said LIKE ROSY PAINT without any specific color. The following analysis clearly and indisputably prove this:

‏55:37 فاذا انشقت السماء فكانت وردة كالدهان
[055:037] Fa-itha inshaqqati alssamao fakanat wardatan kaalddihani

The highlighted part in Noble Verse 55:37 only says LIKE ROSY PAINT. Notice that no HUMR or AHMAR is mentioned in the transliteration.

Noble Verse with "RED" (HUMR or AHMAR):

‏35:27 الم تر ان الله انزل من السماء ماء فاخرجنا به ثمرات مختلفا الوانها ومن الجبال جدد بيض وحمر مختلف الوانها وغرابيب سود

[035:027] Alam tara anna Allaha anzala mina alssama-i maan faakhrajna bihi thamaratin mukhtalifan alwanuha wamina aljibali judadun beedun wahumrun mukhtalifun alwanuha wagharabeebu soodun

[035:027] Seest thou not that God sends down rain from the sky? With it We then bring out produce of various colours. And in the mountains are tracts white and red, of various shades of colour, and black intense in hue.

Notice how حمر does not exist in the Arabic text of Noble Verse 55:37. "Red" was only added by the English translators. In fact, Rashad Khalifa got the English translation of Noble Verse 55:37 right:

Arabic (from right to left):
‏55:37 فاذا انشقت السماء فكانت وردة كالدهان

Khalifa: (why is he here?)

[055:037] When the sky disintegrates, and turns rose colored like paint.

Look at the accuracy of the description in Allah Almighty's Words and the confirmed reality:

Government-owned and NASA-owned "Hubble Space" Super Telescopes obviously did not exist 1500 years ago during the times of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Regular telescopes can't even see Galaxies. They can hardly see the details of the surface of the moon. It is amazing that the EXPLOSIONS of galaxies and the formation of the ROSES had been prophesied in the Noble Quran. When anyone viewed the Universe 1500 years ago, he would either see it as pure blue during the day or pure black during the night. Our naked eyes can never see any explosion of any Galaxy, not even with the aid of a telescope. Who could have ever imagined that the Universe had galaxies in it and they do explode? It is also very likely that Allah Almighty was also referring to our sun's future explosion resembling the shape of a rose.

Allah Almighty in Noble Verse 55:37 is telling us that the Universe, including our sun's solar system, will all turn into exploded galaxies looking like roses when the Day of Judgment happens.

Pictures of more ROSY explosions captured by NASA:

Natural roses

The Rosy Explosions of Stars



Milky Way galaxy




Looks more like a Mum than a Rose. Explosions may have been unknown but it sounds like yhe dude was into magic mushrooms.

Islam is the true religion and people should start believing in Allah The Almighty,The Creator of The Universe and Man

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