Buddhist monk collapses during sex with pregnant bitch

monk sex with dog picture
A Buddhist monk who collapsed whilst having sex with a dog living at his monastery is faced with making some difficult explanations.

The 65-year-old monk lived at a monastery in Thailand, having become a monk to escape a chequered past. Also living at the monastery was a 3-4 year old female dog, who was with pup.

Even a dog’s feminine wiles apparently proved too much for the cloistered monk, and he took the animal as a companion, sundering his vows of chastity.

However, during an encounter with the animal in a nearby forest, the excitement seems to have got the better of him, and he collapsed, later being found unconscious with the dog still tied to a nearby tree.

Police subsequently confirmed his involvement thanks to traces of his semen found on the dog’s genitals, as well as on his clothes. According to witnesses he also took washing-up liquid from the monastery kitchens to use as a makeshift lubricant, indicating a certain amount of preparation.

It is not clear whether he faces criminal charges, or what the abbot intends to do about the matter.

Source - Thairath

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I can understand why he collapsed.....sex with a Bitch dog is unbelievably amazing!

If i was there i tell my dog kia to fock him , ,,

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