Britain's biggest bull tipped scales at 250 stone

This white beast is Britain's biggest bull - the mammoth of the bulls - and he's still growing. Eight-year-old Field Marshall tipped the scales more than 250 stone (3,500lbs) and height 6ft 5in a year ago.

That's heavier than a BMW 3 series car. Now the Charolais bull is about to be weighed again at a charity "guess the weight" contest.

Owner Arthur Duckett, 79, won't say how tall or heavy Field Marshall is - but insists he is bigger than last year.

And he has challenged anyone who thinks they have a bigger bull to go to the contest at North Petherton, Somerset, on December 7.

Arthur, who keeps the white steer on his farm in Alstone, said: "He's still growing and could continue for a while. He's a gentle giant. I like him."

Via - The Sun

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