16 year old girl raped by 23 gang members

23 persons from a local youth gang from the Huay Yai and Pattaya area have been held responsible for the pack rape of two 16 year old female students who where lured to a remote location by the gang via a deceitful phone call made by a female friend.

Pattaya, 7th of November 2009 (PDN): Police recently issued information regarding the pack rape of Ple (disguise name) age 16, a student in her 2nd year of a vocational certificate at a local Pattaya college. Ple filed a report on the incident at the Huay Yai Police Station stating that a group of 7 men coerced her down to the forest by using the phone number of a female friend where they proceeded to rape her one at a time after which they left her alone.

After only a few days following Ple’s statement, a 2nd girl called Bee (disguise name) age 16, now known to be a friend of Ple, also studying a vocational certificate at the same local college, came into the Huay Yai Police Station. Bee filed a similar report saying that around the beginning of September 2009 a group of 23 gang members between the ages of 16-18 pack raped her, in similar circumstances to Ple’s case. Bee informed police that the gang had rapped her on several occasions in a similar location to where Ple described her ordeal taking place.

Bee (disguise name) further revealed to police that the gang always used the same methods in luring their victims, asking a female friend to call their victim and invite them outside, after which the gang follows the girl and proceeds to pack rape them. The gang is believed to consist of approximately 23 members and their leader is known as “Jo Huay Yai”. The Police have recently arrested 3 boys from the gang known as Pee (disguise name) age 16, Ball (disguise name) age 17 and M (disguise name) age 17. They were discovered hiding in the house of a family member in the Huay Yai region. The 3 teens have admitted to the rape of the 2 girls and have informed police of the existence of the other 20 members; however they did not provide police with names as they claimed to have never known the real names of members also stating that they had separated from the gang several weeks ago.

Police Major Phaksuwat Chomthanom has said that detectives have been working solidly for over a month on this case and are close to being able to arrest the other 20 gang members, following the authorisation of various orders.

Via - Pattaya Daily News

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Gang raping is like nothing nowadays. If it has been during our forefathers time, I can bet the whole village will give chase and beat up the rapists to death.
Whats to become of this world. Not getting any better but getting worse...

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