1.5lbs of nails and coins found in man's stomach

Doctors in northern Peru have removed almost 1.5 pounds (a kilogram) of nails, coins, rusted copper wire and scrap metal from a man's stomach.

"They call me the hardware store," said Requelme Abanto from his hospital bed in the city of Cajamarca, in northern Peru.

"The patient came in with severe abdominal pains. After examinations we discovered that he had hundreds of nails in his stomach," Carlos Delgado, a surgeon at the hospital in the town of Cajamarca, said.

The man was admitted to the hospital on Friday. After a two-hour operation doctors removed 900 grams of nails, coins and scrap metal from his stomach, as well as a small knife.

"I have never had a case like this," the surgeon said. "I have operated on plenty of patients but so many things in a stomach, it's really extraordinary."

The man was in a stable condition following the operation, Dr Delgado said, adding that he was now being examined by mental health specialists.

The 26-year-old construction worker ate the metal for months, and told Peru's Channel 9 television that he may now do it in public "as sport".

"I swallowed 17 nails in February and didn't die," he said. "Five-inch nails, all in one day."

Via - AFP

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