Solio Magnesium Edition - Solar charger for traveller

Traveller's equipment is not complete without Solar charger. The world’s most advanced hybrid charger. Engineered to meet the demands of the serious adventurer, Solio Mg edition combines efficient solar panels and a high capacity battery to collect and store power. With expanded compatibility and a strong yet elegant magnesium alloy shell, this is the most powerful and versatile hybrid charger ever made.

Solio includes:

o Charging Cable for iGo® tip system
o Female USB Cable (powers iPods and the original iPhone*)
o iGo Motorola Razor tip
o iGo LG Chocolate tip
o iGo Nokia tip
o iGo Samsung tip
o iGo Blackberry tip
o Pencil
o Solio Drawstring Hemp Pouch
o Universal Wall Adapter

Universal Charger – Powers virtually all your electronic devices. Now compatible with the Universal iGo® tip system for use with hundreds of different portable electronics. Includes Adapter Tip system Cable and USB tip for iPod®, digital cameras, and other compatible devices.

Stores Power - Charge your devices anytime, day or night Internal rechargeable battery stores power for up to one year. (A full Solio Mg will charge a typical mobile phone more than twice or give over 20 hours of MP3 music - just 1 hour of sunshine = 20 minutes talk time or 50 minutes of MP3 music).

Hybrid Charger - Charge anywhere on Earth Plug into the Sun and charge Solio Mg through its solar panels – it’s free and green! Or plug into the wall to charge from the grid.

Technical Specifications Max rated output 8 watts. Solar panel max output 0.85 watts (5.5 V 150mA). Rechargeable 3.7V 1800mAh Lithium Ion battery. Solar Dimensions 120 x 65 x 34 mm.
Weight: 179 g

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