A real life Popeye has been detected in Germany

German arm wrestler, Matthias Schlitte has a big biceps on his right arm but small on his left one. The 22-year-old’s whopping right forearm measures nearly 18in, far more than his relatively small left arm.

Despite its odd appearance, Matthias’s Popeye-esque limb has strong-armed him into first place in a host of competitions, including the Iron Curtain Armwars in Blackburn and the German Championships in Haltern, this year.

Matthias, who has been involved in the sport since he was 16, said: "Many people’s first association with arm wrestling is a beer-soaked bar-table and drunken sailors – which is completely wrong."

He then explains of how he began the career, "In 2004, a little bar in Haldensleben was looking for the strongest arm wrestler in the region, my first tournament and the beginning of my career."

"Without any knowledge or practise I competed in the amateur-class up to 90kg, being only 16 years old with a weight of 65kg. At first, older and more experienced fighters smiled at me for being so light-weighted, but after winning the contest the opinions changed immediately."

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