Mother sacrificed herself from wasps attack

One year old poor chinese boy has survived from wasps attack after his mother sacrificed herself by covering his body from the attack by her own body.

Unable to outrun the swarm his mother Ying Lee, 24 of Zhengan town in southwest China's Guizhou province, threw herself on the ground in a meadow outside her home and was stung to death as she shielded her toddler son with her body.

When she was found half an hour later by neighbours her entire body was covered with wasps.

Neighbours drove them off using foam from a fire extinguisher after hearing her son Xiang screaming from underneath the swarm of insects that covered his mother's body. She died a short while later on the way to hospital.

Ying's distraught husband Wan, 34, said: "I went out to work in the morning, by the time I returned my beloved wife was gone."

"She had gone out in the meadow with my son - and he was playing as he always did while she worked. He seems to have disturbed the wasps - and realising he was being attacked she grabbed him and tried to run back home.

"Because she was in the open - there was nowhere to get cover so she tried to run back home - but she realised our son was being badly stung - so she flung him to the ground and covered him with her coat and then her own body.

"She gave her life to save him. Although she was stung hundreds of times she did not move.

"Her body was completely covered by wasps when it was found - but my son was still alive - they heard him crying."

Police said the neighbours had used foam from a fire extinguisher and a hose to drive off the wasps and rescue the boy.

A relative said: "She came round briefly as she was being put in the ambulance - we told her that her son was safe. She died on the way to hospital."

Doctors at the local hospital warned it had been a mistake to run and should have covered herself from the start. "It's better to squat on the ground. Running for your life is a bad choice when wasps attack," said one.

Via - Austrian Times

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