Millions of jellyfish stunning pictures captured by John Bleidom

John Bleidom, a United States Navy oceanographer has captured on film more than a million jellyfish at Eil Malk island in the Philippines.

Images like this strike fear into the hearts of many while mesmerising others with the intricate beauty of nature.

But swimmers plunging into this colossal army of jellyfish - staggeringly over one million in their number - would have no real reason to be afraid because they're no longer have stingers strong enough to be felt by humans.

Scientists reckon the huge group of Golden Jellyfish became trapped in Jellyfish Lake when it became separated from the Pacific Ocean.

The stunning pictures were captured by U.S. Navy oceanographer John Bleidom. He and wife Amy bobbed around inside the 'smack' - the collective name for jellyfish - when he visited the marine lake on Eil Malk island, near the Philippines.

The 35 year-old, who now lives in Yokosuka, Japan, said: "Swimming in the lake is absolutely amazing. Being surrounded by millions of beautiful jellies is like floating through a lava lamp, but everything is alive.

"It is truly a surreal and peaceful experience unlike any underwater environment I have encountered.

"The lake is famous for the millions of jellyfish that live there. The theory is that they have been trapped in there since the lake was last substantially attached to the ocean about 12,000 years ago."

"Since then, the jellyfish have evolved differently than their ocean relatives. They are most likely related to the Spotted Jellyfish found in the nearby ocean waters."

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The video that was taken at Jellyfish Lake, Palau below is not related with the above story. Just for addition here .......

Jellyfish Lake, Palau video

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