Man reels in monster 6ft perch, after battling with a crocodile

This 6ft Nile perch monster was caught after tussling with a crocodile. The art teacher, 39, had already been engaged in a titanic battle to reel in the 249lb fish for 45 minutes in his tiny motor boat on the Victoria Nile in Uganda when he realised he had a fiercer rival.

He was able to pose by his giant prize, which may be a record for this spectacular photograph.

He had been grappling with the fish while in a small boat on the Victoria Nile in Uganda, about a mile downstream from the stunning Murchison Falls, for about 45 minutes when he realised he had competition.

'Suddenly the boat lurched and I nearly fell out,' he said. 'I didn't really know what had happened. The next thing is, the crocodile launches itself at me, mouth wide open.'

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Now.. that WAS a narrow escape alright.. The catch must have been the croc's mate eh?

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