Man bitten by angel shark at work

A 23-year-old aquarium employee was bitten by a shark while at work. An ambulance was sent to Deep Sea World, based in North Queensferry, near Edinburgh, after staff called about the injury at 2.45pm on Saturday.

The man had between 15 and 20 puncture wounds each roughly a centimetre long, on his arm after being bitten by an angel shark, also known as a monkfish, which is usually about 5ft (1.5m) long. But he did not need to go to hospital.

A statement from Deep Sea World said: "A member of staff had received an injury while diving in the aquarium's main ocean display.

A full investigation is currently being carried out into the incident. The centre has been trying to raise awareness of shark conservation, as part of European Shark Week which ends on Sunday.

The angel shark is an ambush predator which lies in wait for unsuspecting prey to venture close enough before attacking them.

Via - BBC News



Duh.. Never never underestimate an ANGEL..

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