Huge Batman Collection Missing

The second largest collection in US of Batman collectables and television show memorabilia which was owned by the late Ben Novack Jr. has been taken from several warehouses in Broward County. Sources said the locks on the warehouses where the items were kept had been cut.

Novack, son of Miami Beach's Fontainbleau Hotel founder Ben Novack Sr., was killed July 12th while he and his wife were attending a conference at the Rye Town Hilton Hotel that he had organized through his company, Convention Concepts Unlimited.

New York police, who investigating the millionaire's unsolved murder, say it will be up to Florida police to not only investigate the missing collection but also determine how Novack's wife Narcy gained access to a safe deposit box kept by Novack's late mother even though she was not authorized to do so.

CBS station WFOR-TV's news partner The Miami Herald report Narcy Novack is locked in a bitter court battle with her daughter May Abad over the family's multimillion-dollar estate. Each has accused the other of plotting Novack's murder.

New York State Police questioned Narcy Novack two days after her husband's homicide as part of a polygraph exam. The report says Novack "showed indications of deception" during the examination. Police also search the Novack's Ft. Lauderdale home but have not released what, if any, evidence was seized.

Source - CBS



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