Ganga and Jamuna the Spider Girls

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, the conjoined twins support their family with a bizarre circus act - billed as The Spider Sisters.

The 39-year-old pair from Calcutta, India, are of the ischio-omphalopagus tripus type and have two hearts and four arms but share three legs, two kidneys, one liver and a single reproductive tract. They can stand, but they cannot walk and crawl on their hands and feet.

And curious spectators flock to see them crawl insect-like across the stage in their native India for five hours a night - in return for just 26 in wages.

The cash is enough to feed their extended family of 22 for a fortnight. Jamuna says: "People are drawn to us. They think we are strange."

"We don't go out much as we get nervous." Another of the sisters' fears is being separated - after doctors warned it could be fatal.

But US conjoined twins expert Dr James Stein said they COULD survive after testing them in TV documentary Human Spider Sisters - on Discovery at 9pm tomorrow.

Ganga and Jamuna differ in many ways and fight occasionally. Ganga likes fish, while Jamuna prefers meat. In the evenings Ganga likes to read or listen to music, while Jamuna goes straight to sleep. Ganga's favorite actor is Amitabh; Jamuna dislikes him, preferring Akhshay Kumar.

However, the sisters do agree on how they would like to spend their future: they have one husband, Gadadhar, a carnival worker whom they love deeply. When asked which he loves more, Gadadhar replies, "I love both equally." In 2000 the twins appeared in the Kannada-Tamil language film H2o.

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