Fake Maybank2u email - Scammer want to steal your money

Salaam. Today i got a new email, which said that it's from Maybank2u.com , a website of a bank in Malaysia. Actually it's not the real Maybank2u but a scam. below is the content of the email

Unblock your Account ,

For security reasons, your maybank2u.com account has been blocked due

to inactivity or because of too many failed login attempts.
You must authenticate again.

Please login at maybank2u to restore your account access.
Maybank Berhad
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
 © 2001-08 Maybank. All rights reserved.

The link in the email shown as maybank2u.com , but when you highlight the link, it will show the link as  http://mail.bannick.net  at the status bar at the bottom of our browser.  That URL is actually a scammer URL.

I removed the hyperlink to the scammer website because i don't want to link to that scammer website in my blog. But if you received the email and highlight the link, it will show at the status bar the URL of the scammer.

If you click the link, it will bring you to http://mail.bannick.net , not maybank2u.com original website.

So beware, http://mail.bannick.net is a scammer and try to steal your money from your Maybank2u bank account.

All the best :)



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