Chinese woman fishing for a millionaire husband

Jin Xing, 22, from Henan, who has been 'fishing for a husband' at a tourist spot in Kaifeng, China, has set two conditions for the candidate. He must be below 50 years old and must have at least RMB6mil (S$1.22mil).

The woman was first seen 'advertising' herself on a wooden bridge last Wednesday. Her advert shows her holding a banner saying 'diao qing lang' (fishing for lover) as she dons a pink see-through dress.

Her mobile phone number and the two conditions were also written on the banner to make it easier for her prospective husband.

She was accompanied by another woman dressed like a servant in the old imperial era.

Jin Xing has so far only attracted scores of tourists who stopped snap photos of her or with her. She has remain unperturbed by the crowds.

According to China's Hunan Online Jin Xing had been through many difficulties since she left her home in Zhengzhou to work. That is why she wants to marry a rich man.

'Of course, the richer he is the better. RMB6mil is the bottom line,' said Jin Xing, when asked why she had set the two conditions.

'Age is not very important ... If he is rich but old, I will still consider,' she said. Jin Xing said her parents had no idea about her unusual strategy in seeking for a life partner.

Via - Asiaone

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Just wondering if money is everything? I would say "MONEY IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL"..Think about it baby...

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