A car fly and park on a roof of a house

Police suspect speed and alcohol were contributing factors of the accident that left a car on a roof of a house in Parklea, Sydney, Autralia. The car flew into the air, cleared a 2m fence, and landed upside down inside the roof of a young family's single storey house.

The violent crash sent debris flying into surrounding homes, including a piece of a smashed traffic light pole which ended up lodged in the roof of a house 120m down the street. The family is so lucky to be alive and unhurt.

The car soared over a towering wooden fence, travelled through tree branches – then flipped – before being swallowed by the tile roof of Peter and Katy Arnold’s brick home in Guernsey Way. A few metres away slept their three month old daughter Zoe.

One of the passengers managed to free himself from the car but became trapped in the roof, while the other remained trapped in the car.

Ambulance and fire rescue teams eventually managed to free the men about an hour after the accident. Each of the men was taken to hospital and both are believed to be in a stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries.

Blacktown Police Local Area Command Inspector Adrian Grech was incredulous at the scale of the accident.
“I have been to some pretty bad accidents, but this is genuinely a different and strange accident,” Insp Grech said.

Via - news.com.au



Keh3. Teringat cerita P.Ramlee, Bujang Lapok.. Motosikal park kat atas bumbung..

Hah.. minum lagi.. minum lah... Tak sayang nyawa satu hal.. ni mengancam nyawa orang lain.. ish ish ish..

Hehe tu la, sepatutnya motor duk situ kan. Kali ni kereta pulak. mungkin kereta tu nak bunyi pom pom tu, kena tukar ekzos buluh tuu

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