2in cactus grew to 10ft

The two-inch high cactus that William Thompson bought for his son grew and grew and grew. Now less than three years later it has outgrown the family home.

The giant plant is 10ft high and touching the conservatory roof. The family are very excited with the cactus and don't want to get rid of it, but they haven't a clue what to do.

Mr Thompson, an oil rig worker from Hull, said: 'It started off as a tiny plant on the shelf.

'We then put it in a larger pot as it began to grow, then into another larger pot and another larger pot. It hasn't stop growing and every time you go into the conservatory it seems to be bigger.

'We have had to move it into the middle of the room so that it's growing into where the ceiling peaks, but it's touching the ceiling and there's no room for it to grow anymore.

'I'm worried if I put it outside, even if I wrap it in plastic during the winter, that it will die. Maybe an expert can tell us what to do.'

The bad news for the Thompsons is that the cactus - probably a Pilosocereus - may have another five or six feet to grow yet.

Mr Thompson and his wife Angela, 42, a council worker, are desperate to save the plant because their son William, 13, adores it.

'I had to put it outside for a short while when I was tiling the conservatory, but it wasn't doing too well and we brought it back in because he didn't want it to die. But I might have to put it into the garden soon.'

The family water the plant every month and the incredible growth rate is even more remarkable as they don't feed it. Experts recommend potash-based feed such as tomato fertiliser.

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