17 cm long bottle stuck in gay’s ass

A man in Hsinchu, Cina, suspected a gay last Wednesday morning rushed into Li General Hospital in critical condition with a bottle of 17cm long stuck in his ass after doing anal masturbation and his ass was bleeding very badly. He was afraid to seek medical treatment early because he felt shame.

Li General Hospital surgeon Huang Wing, said the man had called the emergency room last Wednesday, asking if any body can remove the bottle from his anus. Over about two hours, the man (36 years) appeared in the hospital, doctors said he was to hum and haw anal bleeding.

When checked they found out a bottle with 17 cm long, 5 cm in diameter on the make-up Shuiping Zi smear lubricant. The man later said that it happened when he was masturbating, but accidentally the bottle slide into the body.

Huang said the two-wing, through the X-ray examination revealed that the bottle has been stuck in the bend of the sigmoid colon, and quickly anesthesia surgery, clip out the make-up Shuiping Zi, fortunately penetrate the intestinal wall, become a lifelong affliction caused only minor bleeding.

Via - Zaobao.com

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