Youngest skydiver at 7 in Britain

This boy dream to be a Superboy maybe fulfilled. Tom Hayes become the youngest boy in Britain to dive from 9,000ft over Lake Bled while on holiday in Slovenia. His sister Lucy, 8 become a Supergirl by skydiving from a Cessna 206 turbo aircraft, the youngest female skydiver in Britain.

Both of them dived with their father, Peter, 54. He and his wife, Sara, 38, are experienced skydivers and have made more than 2,000 jumps between them. They were on holiday in Slovenia and the children were very keen to have a go at skydiving, so their parents decided to let them.

Mrs Hayes said that she don’t think it was dangerous. She was very confident with her husband and the children. “I just knew they would enjoy it and they were more confident than any other tandem passengers I have ever seen.”

Via - Times Online , 9 September 2009

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