UFO photographed over Argentinian lake

Members of cryptozoology communities claimed that the object could be an unknown creature or a Pterodactyl - a flying dinosaur that last lived on Earth 66 million years ago. But it's not relevant at all because if it's really that creature, it must be soaring around from long time ago and many will see it. And i don't think that Pterodactyls is really smart to hide from human all these times.

The probability is only the object is from the intelligent creatures that are hiding on this planet. The UFO photographed by a fisherman near San Rafael over an artificial lake called El-Nihuil, was, according the the newspaper Los Andes, witnessed by more than one person.

The shape is irregular than the sphere shape that usually found. A bit like a flying long legged turtle.

Mr Rafael Pino, 44, a fisherman of San Rafael, often comes down to the lake to relax and watch the swans. On Saturday however, as he was approaching the shore of the lake he noticed an out of place object hovering over the lake. He grabbed his cellphone and managed to get the pictures.

'I was excited and I do believe life must exist on other planets' Mr Pino noted.

Not long after Mr Pino came forward, another local, Mr Cristian Adrian Figueroa, claimed to have seen the UFO along with his father as they passed in a bus. 'We froze (with shock)' noted Mr Figueroa.

Mr Rafael also told that he had noticed several strange phenomena in recent months in the area. He described an incident when a range of hills around the Atuel river were illuminated by several bright white flashes which he did not believe were caused by lightning. He described them as similar to very powerful camera flashes.

I hope Mr Rafael will film it next time, not just photograph it, because if we can get both video and photo, it is more convincing :)

Via - Telegraph.co.uk , 10 Sept 2009

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