UFO near the sun during total solar eclipse

Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in the July 22 total solar eclipse observations, the Chinese scientist observed an unidentified object (UFO) near the sun. The UFO footage was filmed for about 40 minutes.

They are about to reveal details of startling and detailed footage of that UFO. They say that they will spend the next 12 months studying the footage before drawing any conclusions.

Overseas Chinese News, according to the Chinese team of experts measured the corona even photographed in Zhejiang coronal images, in the coronal layer can clearly see a small white highlights.

More than amateur astronomers, also during the solar eclipse, photographed near the sun, a white bright spot.

Canton Middle School Students photographed "unknown object"

Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellow, JI Hai-sheng said at present impossible to speculate that the unidentified object is something they are doing textual research. He believes that the sun itself is likely to be a small event. Kou Beijing Observatory experts argued that "unknown object" the greatest possibility is a star.

At present, the Purple Mountain Observatory is organizing manpower to tackle within the corona, like the continuous observation data, complete data and scientific results of final disposal of out of at least one year's time. The truth of unknown object may be solve by then.

Sorry, no English translation for the videos :D

Via - Telegraph.co.uk , 7 Sept 2009

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