A professional swimmer baby girl

water baby girl
She's only 21-month-old and she will perform her ability at the Dongshan Sea resort next Wednesday. Tickets for her debut performance have already sold out. Xiao Xingwa, of Qinghuangdao, Hebei province, has been taught and trained by her grandfather to swim since she was 4 month.

Mr Wang, her grandfather, said: "Xingwa loves the water, and can do every kind of act. She feels so at home in the water that sometimes she even falls asleep in the pool." Hope she will not build a house and live in a water someday.

The grandfather took a really good care of her and substitutes her parent's job because her parents are both working in France.

As they live on the coast, he took her swimming in the sea nearly every day as he believes it is good for a child's development, reports Wuzhou Daily.

"I have had to quit now, since a lot of people were against my practice, saying I was abusing the child. One even called the police," he added.

"Then my daughter mailed me a home swimming pool set, which I set up in the sitting room and now she swims every day."

I think she's the youngest professional swimmer in the world .......

Via - 4to40.com , 4 Sept 2009



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