Planetariums offer healing shows

Many ways people seek to relax their mind and body. Some doing yoga, tai chi, walking beside the beach, fishing and so on. Stargazing is one of the way to relax mind and body too. By this, Tokyo planetariums take the step by presenting 'healing' shows to public.

At the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Koto Ward, the Megastar II projector shows images of the starry night sky in Tokyo as well as overseas scenes such as those of Bali and Munich, together with recorded recitations of poems by popular poet Shuntaro Tanigawa. The images from overseas are also accompanied by sounds recorded at those sites, including music and songs and the sounds of birds and other animals.

At Yu:toriya Star Garden of Sumida Ward, images of local night views and skies are projected with oldies such as those by singers Hibari Misora and Kyu Sakamoto.

At the Manten planetarium of the Konica Minolta group in Toshima Ward, 400,000 stars are projected on the ceiling, with the aroma of rosemary and other scents sprayed toward the audience.

"I was able to relax, with my body softly surrounded (with aroma)," said a 19-year-old male student at a vocational school.

Via - The Japan Times, 4 Sept 2009



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