Pink grasshopper found by an 11 year old boy

What a beautiful rare pink grasshopper. I myself always take photos of grasshoppers before but still not found the pink one. That boy is so lucky. Daniel Tate at first thought that it was a flower until he saw it jump and then he realised it was a grasshopper.

Daniel, who attended the wildlife event at Seaton Marshes, near Sidmouth, Devon, with his great grandfather, said: "I was looking for grasshoppers when I saw something pink.

"I thought it was a flower but I saw it moving, so I tried to catch it. It jumped and then I knew it was a grasshopper."

The insect was later identified by wildlife officers as an adult female common green grasshopper, which has been born pink. This is the first time a pink grasshoper was found. I hope i can find one someday :D

Via - Telegraph, 11 Sept 2009

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