Most expensive dog of the world sold in China

A Tibetan mastiff dog yet named Yangtze River Number Two was sold to a Chinese woman for $582,135 (£350,000 or four million yuan). This is far surpassing the $155,000 (£90,000) reportedly doled out by a Florida family earlier this year for a Labrador named Lancelot Encore. And this is also break the world record for the most expensive dog.


The millionairess owner, identified only as Mrs. Wang and her new dog flew back into Xi'an, the capital of the Shaanxi province, where they were greeted by a fleet of 30 black limousines. A throng gathered to fête the arrival of the city’s new resident.

Mrs. Wang, fell in love with the animal during a trip to China's Qinghai province. She was traveling with a Tibetan mastiff that she already owned, which she hoped to mate with the famously similar pure-blooded peer.

The moment she saw the 18-month-old and 80cm high dog, she was determined to buy him. "Gold has a price, but this Tibetan mastiff doesn't," the woman was quoted as saying. She named it White Root after that.

White Root may have appeared a strange name for a dog whose coat is almost entirely black. On the way back from Qinghai, Mrs Wang changed his name to the catchier Yangtze River Number Two.

The Tibetan Mastiff was popular with the ability to front predators and is regarded as a good guard dog.

Via - Times Online , 11 Sept 2009

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