More ghosts appear in Kent than elsewhere in UK

Lionel Fanthorpe, 74, from Cardiff, has spent the past 25 years researching “supernatural phenomena”, and on Monday publishes his findings.

The highlights include such mysteries as the phantom hitch-hiker who climbs into passing cars, a time-slip road that takes motorists back to the 1940s, and the ghost of a one-legged priest.

One of the best known of 109 reports of UFOs in the last quarter of a century occurred in Scotland in January 1986.

Two police officers claim they saw an orangey-red UFO travelling slowly and appearing to fall to the ground.

They described the object as resembling a flying clothes pole.

Over the same period there have been 50 reported sightings of ghosts or apparitions.

These include seven ghosts of policemen, a phantom monk, and numerous apparitions who appear to hail from Medieval times.

Mr Fanthorpe, whose wife, Patricia, helps him with his research, insists that no reported sighting is so “ridiculous” that it does not warrant further investigation.

Thus he has chronicled 21 reported cases of werewolf sightings and the 17 road phantoms said to have frightened passing motorists.

He has also recorded the case of the young girl who has been spotted wandering down the Caterham bypass, reports of spooky footsteps, and the sounds of movement in empty buildings.

Mr Fanthorpe’s research has also covered the phenomenon of crop circles, most notably in Wiltshire.

He is similarly aware of four poltergeists who terrorise people’s homes, plus reports of big cats roaming through woodland in Leicestershire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

So far the ghost of Dick Turpin has only appeared to a single passenger at Heathrow Airport.

Via - Telegraph, 28 Sept 2009

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