Monster-sized egg has been discovered

Chris Schauerman of Honeyoye Falls found an ailing chicken lying in the chicken coup on his farm last week

"I came up to the chicken and I nudged her," said Schauerman. "She was barely able to pick her head up before it fell back down to the ground."

That chicken, known as Roberta died later that night, but not before laying a massive monster-sized-egg.

"I just couldn't believe it," he said. The egg, called Little Roberta, was two and a half times the normal size of an egg, and weighed 138 grams, over a quarter of a pound.

"I was pretty excited when I saw it but also kind of sad because I knew the chicken put forth its last effort to give this egg," said Schauerman.

Schauerman says he doesn't have major plans for the egg, other than to take it to school for show and tell and later make a giant omelette.

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