Man marries four women at once

The man from South Africa, is not just married with 4 women, but all at once! The same time marriage is to save money and prevent cheating.

The women each received rings and a kiss from the groom at the ceremony, which was attended by hundreds of people. Mr Mbhele, in a white linen suit, and his four brides, wearing white princess gowns and tiaras, arrived together in a limo.

South African law recognises polygamous marriages, which are common among several tribes including the Zulus and Swazis, but simultaneous weddings are rare.

Mr Mbhele, 44, a municipal manager in Indaka, said the joint celebration saved money by combining the festivities.

He has already been married to Thobile Vilakazi for 12 years and has 11 children.

"I want her to be happy," he said of Ms Vilakazi. "I think getting married to her for the second time would make her happy since I will be taking in three other wives so this will relieve her in some way."

His "middle wives" - as he described them - are Zanele Langa and Happiness Mdlolo, both 24.

The youngest wife, 23-year-old Smangele Cele, said she was looking forward to marrying Mr Mbhele, even though it means she'll have to share him. She said the wives planned to live separately, with their husband rotating between them.

He said he loved his brides equally and there was good competition among them.

Eight cows were due to be slaughtered on Sunday at the bridegroom’s home for the traditional part of the ceremony.

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