How to avoid keyloggers from stealing your password

Keylogger is one of  Spyware applications that monitor a user's keystrokes and then send this information back to the malicious user. Usually, bad people will use it to steal your Username and Password by detecting keystrokes. If you want to know more about Keylogger, read on Wikipedia.

Now i just wanna share a few ways to avoid Keyloggers from stealing your password.

1. First, of course you must install antivirus and anti spyware that can detect Keylogger also. But not all Keylogger they can detect. So don't rely 100% on your security applications.

2. Some say we can just type our password in Notepad first and then paste in the password box at the website that we want to login. But we must know, there are Keyloggers that can record all your keystrokes.

3. So the better alternative to enter your sensitive password is by using Virtual Keyboard / On Screen Keyboard. But you must also know, there are some keyloggers are designed to capture screenshots on every mouse-click.

4. What you must do is to enter a character by hovering the mouse cursor over a letter. The On Screen Keyboard in Windows XP has this function.

How to set On Screen Keyboard to read character by mouse over?

1. First Open On Screen Keyboard. Click on Start - All Programs - Accessories - Accessibility - On Screen Keyboard.

2. In On Screen Keyboard application, Click Settings - Typing Mode.

3. Choose Hover to select , enter minimum time to hover. I recommend to choose 3 seconds. That's more comfortable i think.

4. Done.

So remember to do this next time you want to enter a sensitive password of your bank account, online payment or other similar things, especially when you do this at cyber cafe or other outlets. All the best :)



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