Farmer discovers egg inside another egg

An egg inside another egg. What we gonna call it? And egg egg? :D Jeff Taylor, 40, A farmer who runs Farmer Fred's Country Store in Ross-on-Wye, Herefords, with his wife Michelle, 44, was surprised to found the intact egg inside the larger four inch one. "I have been farming all my life and I have never seen it before and neither has anyone else I have spoken to," said father-of-two Mr Taylor.

Jeff has seen double yolked eggs before but nothing like this. All the farmers near him just don't believe what they saw. They looked on internet and find out that the last recorded tiny egg found inside a bigger egg was in Japan.

There are several theories have been proposed for the origin of double eggs. The preferred suggests that the normal rhythmic muscular action, or peristalsis, that moves a developing egg down the oviduct malfunctions in some way.

Via : , 1 Sept 2009



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