Electric superbike has broken a land speed record

The zero-emissions Mission One electric superbike ridden by Jeremy Cleland became the fastest electric-powered vehicle when it hit an average speed of 150.059mph over two miles. It also beat 70 per cent of the petrol-engine bikes competing at the famous Bonneville salt flats in the American state of Utah.

And at one point, Mr Cleland hit 161mph as he tackled the two runs along a mile-long stretch. The San Fransico-made bike, which will be available next year £42,000, is powered by a 240-volt battery which takes two hours to charge. I hope they can lower the price.

The company plans to sell 300 bikes in 2010, with the first 50 Premier Limited Edition models available for reservation now.

Environmental friendly, save energy, save cost, better than using petrol. And maybe better if combined with solar cell. I hope the oil crysis will end soon if this alternative really works. No more killing just to get oil. Peace and justice for all :)

More reading at Daily mail, 21 Sept 2009

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