Earns money by eating spiders

This man is not a spiderman, but he's a spider eater. Raju Handique, from Assam’s Jorhat district, India, earns money eating spiders while people watch. He's now not only eating spiders, but was set the world record for eating 1000 venomous spiders.

“My dream is to have my name on the Guinness Book of World Records. I started eating spiders when I was in school. One day a spider bit me and out of anger I ate it up and to my surprise nothing happened to me.

“Since then I started eating spiders. From one spider I ‘graduated’ to eating eight then 35 and then 65 spiders. Today I can finish 100 of them. Now I’m preparing to eat 1000 spiders in a day,” said Raju, 30.

He says some are juicy, some sweet, some bitter, and some have a milky flavor.

Via - Reuters, 15 Sept 2009



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